This week, 1st of December, the role of the Director General for the SBA will change hands as we bid fond farewell to Patrick Sparkes and warmly welcome Nina Tillaeus to this important, leadership position.

Patrick has been an instrumental part of the Association for the last five years, helping our membership grow and flourish and become the excellent community of practice it is today. He is now retiring after a long and successful career in the medical industry.

Nina brings with her a wealth of experience in the medical and healthcare arena and has been an active member of the SBA since 2010. With her passion for patient safety and sustainability, she is perfectly placed to lead SBA at this exciting time in our history and build on the foundations we’ve created with our members.

Thibaut Hyvernat, Chairman of the SBA Board of Directors added: “As Director General, Patrick has made an outstanding contribution to the SBA, helping us to widen our global reach, increase our membership and the value we offer, and accelerate our contribution to patient safety. We send him our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for a well-deserved retirement.

“The SBA has made huge strides in recent times to represent the sterile barrier industry but there is still much to do. I have no doubt that, with Nina at the helm to steer the association, we will continue to thrive in our endeavour to support our members, the work they do and help keep patients safe.”


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