Only Members and Affiliates to the SBA are eligible to attend forums.

SBA Forums may be either a conference or an ad-hoc meeting such as a SBA Committee meeting, in-person or virtual. Compliance with the SBA Code of Practice is mandatory at all SBA Forums.

Conferences are held twice per year, typically  in Spring and Autumn, over a three day period. At each conference a range of mutually relevant topics are discussed, such as education, market statistics, regulatory and sustainability, progress of SBA projects, public relations, new initiatives, concerns etc. Guest speakers are invited to the meetings to present on a variety of topics relevant to the industry.

Prospective members/affiliates are invited to attend a conference in order to meet existing members/affiliates to discuss the objectives and the achievements of the SBA, and to be able to ask questions in order to assist in deciding whether to join the SBA . Potential members/affiliates are also asked to make a short presentation to outline their business and products.

Conference meeting venues are typically within Europe.

There is a SBA Board of Directors, comprising of up to eight members. No member company is allowed to have more than one member on the Board. One director member is elected Chairman by fellow directors. The Director General of the SBA is also a director and attends Board meetings. Board members are from full member companies and are elected to the Board by the full membership at a general meeting.

Board members undertake their roles on a non-expense basis. The Director General is responsible to the Board for managing the day to day activities and finances of the SBA, and is paid a fee for these services.

The Board meets four times per year.

    Membership is open to Manufacturers of Sterilisation products or related services, with sales in Europe. Affiliation is open to companies/trade associations/healthcare professionals who are Responsible Users of SBS or represent those that are. Potential members or affiliates also need to have implemented a quality management system certified by an accredited certification body.

    For more details see Why become a member?

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