SBA – Environmental and Social Sustainability Our Commitment Beyond our core mission of ensuring Patient Safety, we prioritize environmental and social sustainability as integral to our industry. We recognize that a healthy environment and socially responsible value chains are crucial for long-term human health. To address sustainable healthcare packaging challenges, we collaborate to improve the lifecycle impacts of our solutions and share best practices to mitigate supply chain risks. Industry Role and goals Our members have individual codes of conduct and sustainability strategies, but we also recognize the industry’s role in addressing sustainability challenges. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for a more sustainable future, and we aim to focus on:
  • Patient Safety and Product Quality: Ensure safety, efficacy, and quality through robust quality management and rigorous testing.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduce environmental impacts by optimizing energy and water use, embracing progressively renewable energy, minimizing waste and equivalent CO2 emissions, and developing eco-friendly products.
  • Ethical Business Practices: Uphold integrity, transparency, and accountability through strong governance and compliance; aiming for circularity.
  • Employee Well-being: Foster a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace, prioritizing health, safety, and professional development.
Leadership and Support The Sustainability Committee leads all sustainability efforts of Sterile Barrier Association in coordination with Regulatory Affairs and Education Committees, promoting best practices, influencing guidelines within the healthcare packaging industry and support the significant number of SMEs within the Sterile Barrier Association to access best practices. The Sustainability Committee provides global guidance for all members in addressing sustainability in their products and operations in the healthcare sector. Our shared mission is “to promote and encourage sustainability throughout the healthcare packaging industry. Driving evolving practices influencing established guidelines”.