Flexible materials for FFS, pouches, header bags and 4SS packages

Hard/Rigid Product Yes Yes Puncture Brittle Yes OK
Soft Product Cost OK Yes OK (cost?) Cost Yes
Abrasion Resistance OK Yes Average OK Yes Yes
Puncture Resistance Yes Yes Poor Average Yes OK
Clarity Yes Yes Average Poor Yes Yes
Shallow Forming (<25mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medium Forming (25-50mm) Yes Yes Average Poor Yes Yes
Deep Forming (>50mm) Yes OK Thins Reverts Yes Yes
Seal to Uncoated non-woven polyolefin No Sometimes No Yes No No
Peelable Seal to uncoated paper Yes Yes Average Yes steam No No
Radiation Yes No No No Yes Yes
Ethylene Oxide Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steam No No No Yes No No

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