Pelta Medical Papers

Pelta Medical Papers has been at the forefront of medical paper production since introducing the first steam sterilisable papers to the market in 1969.

Our long history in the industry has seen us known as Henry Cooke Ltd and more recently as part of BillerudKorsnäs until our establishment as a stand-alone business in November 2021.

Pelta Medical Papers manufactures a wide range of papers for all appropriate medical packaging applications, including;

  • hospital pouch and bag papers
  • cellulose based hospital wrap
  • MDM coating base papers
  • MDM direct seal top webs
  • reinforced coating base & direct seal papers

In addition, we also manufacture non-barrier papers for medical applications such as surgeon’s glove inner wrap and wrapping crepes for surgical procedure packs.

We specialise in technical collaboration in order to optimise packaging configurations from the perspective of integrity, efficiency and cost.

Pelta Medical Papers is based in the United Kingdom and supplies a global customer base from our specialist medical packaging paper mill.

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