The majority of members are long established and experienced international companies supplying to medical device manufacturers and hospitals around the world.

The Association has developed to include members from Europe, countries that border Europe, Asia and the USA. Member companies operate in various stages of the supply chain, many manufacturing sterile barriers, others producing raw materials such as medical grade papers and inks, providing sterilising services, and manufacturers of processing equipment.

This all adds up to a large industry group committed to ensuring that, in partnership with their customers, they continually develop and improve products and services essential for “protecting the patient”, the association’s primary objective.

The current members collectively supply some 80% of the market demand for sterile barrier systems in Europe, and along with their significant sales and manufacturing facilities around the rest of the world, have a strong presence in the global market. Member companies are highly experienced with very good reputations and are able to invest significant funds into researching new innovative products.

A major and very essential mission for the SBA is to provide experts to participate in the process of forming legislation and new standards, and communicating with bodies and organisations responsible for, or having an influence on the outcome of these aspects.  This is all done in the pursuit of continual improvement and supporting customers and end users, and demonstrates the SBAs determination to do all that is required to ensure patient safety remains the top priority when developing or changing legislation and standards.

Members are always seeking to find more effective methods of providing  information  and educating customers and end users, and key to achieving this is the ongoing enhancement of the SBA website. The SBA welcomes requests from all sources on how this can be improved upon.

  • Being in a trade association where members have a reputation for supplying high quality, fit for purpose products, and high levels of service.
  • Being in a trade association whose companies are recognised as having the credibility and knowledge of supplying sterile barrier systems to the healthcare industry.
  • Being able to exchange experiences and information with fellow producers and suppliers.
  • Having the opportunity to put forward ideas and comments to bodies responsible for the forming of legislation and standards.
  • Having a common voice in lobbying.
  • Being part of an organisation which publishes papers and carries out projects on issues of common interest and benefit.
  • Having the capability to better promote the value of sterile barrier systems.
  • Being better able to develop and deliver educational packages, such as the correct procedures to be adopted to ensure that when SBS are removed at the point of use, sterility is not compromised.
  • Benefitting from SBA commissioned market studies which only members have access to.
  • Being able to better develop alliances with users and patient groups, and give assistance as appropriate.

Requirements for membership are:

1.   Be a manufacturer of sterilisation products or provide relevant services, with sales in Europe.

2.   At all times, designate a senior representative of that member to attend the Association’s Annual General Meetings and any Extraordinary General  Meetings  as that member’s representative.

3.   Nominate, on occasions, specialists from their companies to participate in the Association’s working groups.

4.   Commit to comply with Association’s Code of Practice.

5.   Have implemented a quality management system certified by an accredited certification body to be in compliance with ISO 9001 or with a globally acknowledged equivalent quality standard.

Membership of a new company is decided by a vote at one of the biannual conferences, requiring 67% of members present to vote in favour.

There is just one membership category, being full membership. The current fee is 6,000 Euros per annum. Any changes to the annual fee has to be approved by the full membership at the AGM.


    Membership is open to Manufacturers of Sterilisation products or related services, with sales in Europe. Potential members also need to have implemented a quality management system certified by an accredited certification body.

    For more details see Why become a member?

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