HealthCare Aquired Infections

An Informative video explaining how sterile barriers are designed, validated and tested to ensure they are fit for purpose and maintain sterility to the point of use, to reduce the risk of HCAI's. It also includes details of how microbial barriers and different sterilisation processes work.

Protecting the Patient

The primary purpose of the SBA video "Protecting the Patient", is to provide an explanation of the important benefits of Sterile Barriers in helping to protect patients from infection, and reduce the incidence of Hospital related infections (HAI's). This video is presented in multiple languages.

Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS)

A multilanguage set of video's to explain the Symbols developed to support EN ISO 15223-1. Also a video demonstrating aseptic opening techniques of SBS packaging. All videos are aimed at explaining the correct use of Sterile Barrier packaging in order to maintain sterility up to the point of use.


    Membership is open to Manufacturers of Sterilisation products or related services, with sales in Europe. Affiliation is open to companies/trade associations/healthcare professionals who are Responsible Users of SBS or represent those that are. Potential members or affiliates also need to have implemented a quality management system certified by an accredited certification body.

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