With the success and popularity of the Symbols for SBS Guidance document launched last year, which was primarily aimed at MDM’s and packaging designers, the SBA has now compiled a list of the most commonally asked questions raised over the last 12 months by healthcare professionals on the introduction of the new symbols. The new Symbols Q&A document can be viewed in the library or by clicking here.

The questions have come from users across Europe either directly to the SBA or via member companies.

Director General, Patrick Sparkes said;

‘We have been very pleased with the way that the original guidance documents for the new symbols and videos have been received. They have generated a lot of interaction with packaging designers right across the globe, from Japan, across Europe, South Africa and the United States of America. We were also encouraged by the questions received by both our members and ourselves from Hospital Sterile Services departments and other Healthcare professionals, who were keen to ensure that they fully understood how the implementation of the new symbols would occur. From this we decided it would be useful to publish this Q&A document and will continue to monitor and add to this, to support our industry in the best way possible’.

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