Partial Simulation Performance Tests

 ISTA 2A tests are for packaged-products 150 lb. (68 kg) or less, and are a combination of basic test elements from ISTA 1A (Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Testing) and advanced test elements fromISTA 3A (General Simulation Performance Testing). Procedure 2A simulates some actual transport hazards such as temperature and humidity. An example would be to test desert-like conditions (60C and 15% RH), which are dry with low humidity, on a packaged-product.

When properly applied, ISTA Procedure 2A will provide tangible benefits of:

  • Shortened package development time and confidence in product launch
  • Protection of products and profits with reduced damage and product loss
  • Economically balanced distribution costs
  • Customer satisfaction and continued business

Test Procedure 2A is broken down in the following sequence:

Sequence Test Type Standard Description
1 Atmospheric preconditioning ASTM D4332 Ambient Temperature and Humidity
2 Atmospheric Conditioning ASTM D4332 Controlled Temperature and Humidity
3 Compression ASTM D642 Machine Apply and Release
4 Vibration ASTM D999 orD4728 Fixed Displacement or Random
5 Shock ASTM D5276 Drop
6 Vibration ASTM D999 orD4728 Fixed Displacement or Random

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